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TD Securities

Denise D.

Vice President, Investment Banking

Denise D.

HBA, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, 2007



Tell us about your current role and who you interact with across TD.


As a Vice President in Equity Capital Markets (ECM) I work on the origination side of the business overseeing the coordination of equity pitches for all industry groups across Investment Banking.  The work is fast-paced as we support a high-volume of equity-related pitches that may include market update materials, shareholder analysis and investor targeting and term sheets. We price and structure all equity and equity-linked securities (i.e. convertibles, preferreds). I interact with Industry Group Relationship Managers, the Institutional Equity Sales desk and senior leaders across the firm. In contrast to my past role within the Communications, Media and Telecom group, my current role within ECM involves greater breadth and volume as pitches and deals tend to have a shorter life-cycle and we support all of the industry groups.


What are the main strengths and skills you rely on to be successful in your role?


To be successful it is critical to be both efficient and thorough.  There is an element of unpredictability in any given day that requires the team to rebalance priorities and often change course.  You need to be comfortable in dealing with uncertainty.  It is only through a team effort that we are able to get everything across the finish line.  Working as part of a team is critical to both my personal and the firm’s success.  If help is needed with deal execution, we all help and it’s reassuring to know that I too can count on this level of support.


What do you find to be the biggest rewards?


Seeing the client’s reaction to your work is one of the biggest rewards. It is satisfying to present your work to a client and see them be very engaged in the discussion and inquisitive.


In my ECM role, I am privy to many different perspectives (i.e. investment banking, institutional equities) and have great exposure to Managing Directors across TD Securities.  I am building experience, expertise and have a clear understanding of how my work fits within the bigger picture.


Tell us how you got started in Investment Banking and why you chose TDS upon graduation from your HBA?


I had the opportunity to complete a summer internship as an Analyst within the Communications, Media and Telecom group following the third year of my HBA.  This provided me with a snapshot of what I would be doing full-time, while allowing me to experience the culture and team first hand.  This experience made my decision an easy one. The culture and people were what I was looking for.  TD Securities does a great job at recognizing and promoting internal talent and my career path is evidence of this.  In fact, I now have the opportunity to recruit on campus, a role that is taken seriously across the firm.


What advice would you give candidates looking to launch a career in Investment Banking at TD Securities?


As an Analyst, every experience you have teaches you something.  Not all assignments will be exciting but they are all required for your development. This is why it is important to be open to all experiences that come across your desk.  I train Analysts that join ECM frequently and I encourage them to be open-minded in order to enhance their own skill sets and maximize their learning.  Analysts are surrounded by activity on a daily basis (i.e. client calls, deal team meetings, etc.); they work on teams with highly intelligent individuals with extensive corporate finance and capital markets experience.  While it is important to focus on what is in front of you, you cannot forget to learn from what is going on around you.

    July 02, 2020
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