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TD Securities

Sales & Trading Associate

Sales & Trading at TD Securities

TD Securities is one of Canada's most active dealers in Debt and Equity products. Our Sales and Trading business deals on a daily basis with institutional investors, corporations and governments worldwide in the trading and sale of outstanding and new issue products.

TD Securities' product specialization is made stronger by its integrated approach and client focus. Teams of product specialists operating in Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Asset Securitization, Government and Corporate Debt and Equities often work across product lines in structuring and executing customized client solutions.

The Sales and Trading teams at TD Securities are key to the overall success of our Wholesale Banking operation. Our salespeople are recognized leaders who display professionalism and integrity.  They understand their clients' portfolios and trading styles. Additionally, our trading teams have built a strong reputation for quality by providing profitable trading ideas and effective, timely execution.

At TD Securities, we believe that diversity is the key to our success in the competitive global marketplaces and we embrace people with a wide range or unique experiences and abilities.


Your Career as a Sales & Trading Associate

  • Influenced by our own approach of looking for client solutions across products, industries, and even geographic lines, TD Securities provides recruits with as much exposure as possible to a wide variety of sales and trading functions and products. Broad exposure is an important objective and rotations are determined to meet the needs of our departments and your individual interests and talents.
  • The Associate program is a 12-24 month on-the-job training program covering the sales and trading of our products.
  • Rotations during the program include but are not limited to the following sales and trading desks: Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Equities, and Debt Capital Markets.

How You Will Contribute

  • Complete complex financial transactions in a fast paced business environment where products and services are highly competitive.
  • Work as part of a team to maximize business opportunities and provide financial solutions to our commercial, corporate and institutional client base.
  • Ensure your team achieves its objectives by foreseeing client needs and developing an unparalleled level of service with confidence.


  • Graduate or undergraduate degree in Business, Finance, or Math discipline and a demonstrated record of achievement
  • A strong orientation for business, finance, mathematics and quantitative analysis.
  • Demonstrated strong interest and overall passion for the financial markets.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; strong personal confidence and fortitude in an open working environment; an ability to project and defend a view.
  • Industry experience and courses are highly desirable.  

Your Summer as a Sales & Trading Associate

TD Securities provides recruits with as much exposure as possible to a wide variety of sales and trading functions and products. The Sales & Trading Associate will receive 4 months of on-the-job training on a specific desk. We welcome you to discuss your interest during the interview and/or application process. We aim to identify top performers and extend conversion offers at the end of the summer term for a start date the following August or aligned with degree completion.



Based in Toronto, with opportunity for rotations in TD Securities Offices in New York, London and Singapore.

    August 06, 2020
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