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TD Securities

Andrew L.

Associate, Sales and Trading

Andrew L.

BEng, Management Minor, McGill University, 2010
MBA, Goodman Institute, Concordia University, 2013



Tell us about your decision to join TD Securities.


Banking is a service-driven industry where employees are critical to winning business. When making the decision to join a bank, I recognized that TD Securities invest in their employees. Throughout the program my learning has been supported. I have had access to training and formal education, and I am privy to the latest market trends and products. The investment made in my development motivates me to exceed expectations.  


What exposure has the Sales and Trading Associate program provided you?


I began the program on the Cross Asset Trading desk which exposed me to fixed income arbitrage, working with U.S. counterparties and products. My second rotation landed me on the Corporate Bond Sales desk where I supported the Sales team through detailed reports highlighting current positions and preferred trades. In that role I had the opportunity to talk to clients directly and price out deals. My third - and current rotation - is on the Rates desk, where I work with the other spectrum of Bond sales, which includes government-backed bonds and swaps. It is a market that is fast moving, volume-driven and has provided me with more of a macroeconomic perspective. The program has provided me with varied client experiences. I have worked directly with U.S. dealers to produce profit through investments and most recently, with buy-side clients such as pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and insurance companies.


What makes you want to come to work each day?


The program has provided me with a global perspective. My feedback is always well received and respected among my team. I believe I’m making a difference for the firm while focusing on my personal and professional development.  


What advice would you offer students interested in securing an Associate role within Sales and Trading?


The program involves up to six, four-month rotations. The opportunity to secure a permanent role on a desk could be presented at any time. The learning curve is steep and steady; terminology and applications will be unlike any you have been exposed to in class. Attitude is everything; demonstrate initiative, ask questions, adapt and learn from each experience. To succeed, you must add value to each desk you are assigned to. During one of my rotations I automated many procedures which allowed the desk to be more efficient and focus on generating revenue. By doing so, I demonstrated my strategic agility and it’s recognized as a skill I bring to future roles.

    August 09, 2020
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