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TD Securities

Patrick H.

Associate, Technology Solutions

Patrick H.

BComm, Business Technology Management, Finance Minor, Ryerson University, 2012



Tell us about your decision to join TD Securities.


In January of 2012 I was offered the opportunity to join the Technology Solutions Associate program as part of the Calypso Projects Team. With only a few courses left to meet my degree requirements, I chose to complete these on a part-time basis. Juggling a full-time role and academics was challenging, but the opportunity to get an early start in the Associate program was too good to pass up! What started as a six-month Business Analyst rotation, expanded to a one-year project-focused role. During this time I was immersed in two critical projects: Calypso Derivatives Consolidation and Dodd Frank Calypso Enablement.  Entrusted immediately as an equal member of the team, I performed requirements gathering, conducted analyses, and carried-out regression testing while working with many stakeholder groups. In February 2013, I began my second program rotation as a Business Analyst on the Wall Street Support Team. My current role is a strong contrast to my first rotation; I work to resolve emerging issues that arise within the Front and Middle offices. My ability to effectively prioritize business requests over the course of each day is critical in supporting trading operations. The contrast between my two roles has been a great learning experience, accelerating my growth both personally and professionally.


You work closely with your team on intense projects. How important are your colleagues?


The performance culture at TD Securities is unique; people make the difference and go out of their way to help one another. I am fortunate to have a tight connection with other Associates in the program; we feed off each other and learn collaboratively. In addition to my peers, I have been part of a number of dynamic teams across TD Securities. The Calypso Projects team had a strong community spirit, a sense of real camaraderie. We got to know each other as team members but the friendships extended outside of work hours. I feel the strength of our team contributed to our ability to successfully deliver challenging and time sensitive projects.


What skills and strengths do you feel contribute to your success as an Associate?


The ability to balance priorities and a strong analytical mindset are keys to being successful in the Associate program. I have learned to adapt my approach to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders that include developers, senior leaders, managers, and traders. The fast pace of the Associate program requires you to learn quickly, re-adjust plans to meet project deadlines and balance the needs of end-users. The opportunity to learn each day is a big motivator!


What insight can you share with students considering a career in Capital Markets Technology?


While my degree provided me with a technical foundation and learning discipline, my development to date has occurred on the job. Whether your goal is to be a developer or business analyst, there is opportunity to add value at TD Securities and be recognized for doing so. The program not only provides you with varied experiences but also focuses on career development. Multiple rotations have allowed me to build a network across the firm, and Associate training and mentorship programs have complemented on-the-job learning.

    August 06, 2020
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