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Receivables Monetization

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Receivables Monetization is the purchase of open account receivables by TD Global Trade Finance that provides cash flow support to clients selling on open account terms.


This is a cost-effective solution for companies seeking: true sale treatment of receivables under GAAP (Canadian or U.S.), to manage daily sales outstanding, and to expedite cash flow.



  • Receivables may be purchased on a periodic basis agreed to by the bank.
  • Seller may act as TD’s collection agent, thus sale is undisclosed to the Seller’s Counterparty/Obligor(s).
  • Balance sheet management & mitigation of credit exposure concentration.
  • Counterparty/Obligor may pay Seller (‘agent’) or pay TD direct if the program is fully disclosed.
  • Receivables term flexibility dependent on deal specifics.


  • Reduced credit exposure/concentrations to certain Counterparties/Obligors to enable additional business flows.
  • Generate liquidity/improve cash flow by reducing ‘receivables cycle’.
  • Balance sheet reflective of true sale.
  • Potentially lower borrowing costs.


  • Clients must have a good credit standing & have a relationship with TD.
  • A ‘Receivables Purchase Agreement’ must be signed and acceptable to both parties.
    February 25, 2018
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