Sample Transactions

Review the international trade scenarios below to find business solutions, definitions and a list of resources for your reference.

Matching solution and needs

Choose the scenario below that matches your individual situation:
New Importer, Need Secure Payment Solution

Solution: Consider an Import L/C, from TD GTF - secure and cost-effective. See our L/C Guide.

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New Exporter, Need Introductory Information

Solution: View GTF Site and navigate to topics of interest, including Export L/Cs.
Check out these resources: GTF Home; GTF "Crash Course" on Trade Finance; Government of Canada;

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SME with Export Opportunities & Limited Cashflow

Solution: Review GTF Site, identify payment options, review Financing & Receivables Monetization sections.
Check out these resources: GTF Home;
L/C Guide

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Intermediary, Seeking to Facilitate Trade Deal Between Two Parties

Solution: Review mechanics of Export L/Cs.
Check out these resources: GTF Home; Contact us to discuss transferable L/Cs.

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Exporter, Commodities to Africa

Solution: See Emerging Markets and Confirmed L/Cs.
Check out these resources: GTF Home; Canadian Intl Dev. Agency.

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Importer/Exporter Doing Business in the U.S.A. or Canada

Solution: See Canada-U.S. Trade  and review GTF Affiliate Programs.
Check out these resources: GTF Home; Government Export Credit Agencies:;

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Experienced Trader, Complex Multi-Year UN Project

See GTF Structured Trade Finance and contact us to discuss your needs.

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May 25, 2015

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