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Commercial Banking

Effective management is an essential part of business planning. At TD Securities, we take the time to understand your unique needs and have structured our teams to provide customized, integrated solutions. We move beyond execution by working closely with our clients to develop and implement comprehensive risk management strategies that address short- and long-term financial need.


Backed by one of North America’s largest and most stable financial institutions, one of only seven of the world’s top 40 banks to be rated “Aaa” by Moody’s, our proven strategies can help you to reduce unwanted interest rate risk.


We Offer

Direct Trade Investments


Direct Trade is an investment service that is available exclusively to TD Commercial Banking clients. By calling one number, you have direct access to our team of Investment Specialists who are experts on our full suite of products, changing market conditions and competitive offerings. You can expect:

  • Direct access to an Investment Specialist
  • Competitive yield
  • Extended dealing hours
  • Up-to-the minute market rates
  • A wide choice of high-quality investment products
  • Leading economic research and market insight

Money Market Investments


You can choose from Term Deposits, T-Bills, Banker’s Acceptances, Commercial Paper, and Asset-Backed Securities. These products are available in both CDN$ and US$ denominations with terms ranging from one day to one year.


Fixed Income Investments


You can choose from GIC`s, Government Bonds (federal, provincial and municipal) and Strip Coupons. These products are available in both CDN$ and US$ denominations with terms ranging from one year to 30 years.


Foreign Currency Term Deposits


If you’re doing business abroad, consider the benefits of Foreign Currency Term Deposits. While waiting to pay suppliers, you can earn interest on your foreign funds at a guaranteed rate. By locking in your foreign funds for a specific term, you protect yourself from foreign exchange conversion until you need to pay your supplier. Foreign Currency Term Deposit can also help you manage your cash flow and may give you a competitive edge. You’ll be able to:

  • Know exactly how much it will cost to pay suppliers in that currency
  • Match incoming and outgoing flow of foreign currency without having to convert back and forth
  • Save on FX conversion costs if you have regular payments in that currency

They are available in 7 currencies (U.S. Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australia Dollar, Swiss Franc, New Zealand Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar).


We value our day-to-day relationships with clients and work hard to build new and lasting connections so we can satisfy your everyday trading and investment requirements. To get started today, simply call one of our Business Development Managers for more information.


Ask us about our new online trading platform for Fixed Income and Money Market products.

    December 18, 2017
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