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The Global Metals group provides a full suite of market-making and risk management services. Our clients include miners, central banks, private & commercial banks, institutional investors & hedge funds, and a variety of industrial users. To date we are a market making member of both the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM). We are also a direct participant of the LBMA Gold and Silver price auctions.


Our involvement in an assortment of market sectors allows us to share our gathered market intelligence and our wealth of expertise enables us to provide enhanced client services. We offer around the clock execution through our main trading desks located in New York, London and Singapore.


Mining Companies

We execute on the sales of mine production through spot, forward and option transactions that offer price protection strategies tailor-made to fit individual hedging policies.


Central Banks

We offer tools to effectively manage bullion reserves including acquisition, disposal, and revenue enhancement through spot, forward, option, swaps and deposit transactions.


Physical Trading

We provide physical gold & silver coins, bars, grain and PGM sponge to our clients as well as financing capabilities. In base metals, we also provide inventory financing for all LME-traded products.


Private Banks and Commercial Clients

We provide market making for spot, options and forwards.


Institutional Investors/Hedge Funds

We provide market making for spot, forward and option transactions along with supplying physical bullion.


Industrial Users

Day-to-day users of both base and precious metals come to us for solutions on risk management executed via financially cash settled derivatives or physical alternatives. We offer spot, forwards/swaps, option structures, and leasing/inventory financing solutions. Some of our client sectors include automotive; bottling and packaging; battery and glass manufacturers; power and electronics; aerospace and engineering; chemical; and oil and metal refineries.

    August 06, 2020
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    TD Securities
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    Managing Director
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    TD Securities
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    TD Securities
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