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In today’s competitive marketplace, investors have an unlimited choice of investment alternatives to chose from. At TD Securities, we pride ourselves on working with clients to help them select the best product or service mix to achieve their underlying Fixed Income needs.


Our Fixed Income trading team includes a roster of experts who are among the best in Canada. Focused on delivering innovative solutions, this group provides our clients with competitively priced liquidity and seamless execution of their trade strategies.


Our Product Offering


We offer an extensive range of fixed income products including:

  • Government of Canada Bonds
  • Government Agencies and Crowns
  • Provincial Bonds, Municipals Bonds
  • Corporate Debt Securities
  • Inflation linked Bonds

Additional Specialized Securities


TD Securities also participates in specialized markets such as the Yankee Market and the Maple Bond market. These securities – which include bonds issued by foreign companies and financial institutions – offer alternative international investment opportunities that are denominated in U.S. and Canadian dollars respectively.


We also trade and are involved in a wide variety of non-traditional investment vehicles including Asset Backed Securities (ABS), Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) issues. These securities are secured by an underlying basket of receivables such as leases, loans, credit cards and mortgages.


To satisfy our clients’ hedging and risk diversification needs, we also participate in a variety of other securities including Floating Rate Notes, Swaps, Options and Swaptions.



TD Securities (USA) LLC is a member of SIPC and FINRA (see FINRA BrokerCheck).

TD Securities Inc. is a member of CIPF and IIROC.

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July 15, 2020
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Key Contacts

New York
John Moore
Executive Managing Director and Head of Global Fixed Income
212 827 7317Click to mail
Ed Rubin
Managing Director and Global Head of Fixed Income Sales
212 827 7039Click to mail
Bobby Lee
Managing Director and Head of U.S. Debt Capital Markets
212 827 7199Click to mail
Jason Cope
Managing Director and Head of Canadian Fixed Income
416 308 6230Click to mail
Justin Boye
Managing Director and Head of Canadian Fixed Income Sales
416 982 8040Click to mail
Shannon Garber
Managing Director, Fixed Income Trading, Europe and Asia-Pacific
+44 (0) 20 7628 4199Click to mail
Salvatore Aloisi
Managing Director and Head of Origination and Syndications, Europe
+44 (0) 20 7628 2262Click to mail
Apoorva Tandon
Director and Head of Asia Syndicate
+65 6500 8029Click to mail
Jim Malone
Director, International Fixed Income Sales
+65 6500 8010Click to mail
Takeo Otsuka
Managing Director and Head of Institutional Sales, Asia-Pacific
+81 (0) 3 4560 8000Click to mail
Hong Kong
Rachel Hu
Managing Director, International Fixed Income Sales, Asia
+85 2 2613 3633Click to mail