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Global Trade Finance

Mitigate Risk and Enhance Revenue Opportunities



Doing business internationally involves much more than simply transplanting a business model, or shipping a product overseas. Trade – import or export – involves complexities and risks which can challenge the most seasoned executive or the most determined entrepreneur. International business can also be very enriching, and extremely profitable, for those who can seize the opportunities while effectively managing the risks.


Our Trade Specialists are well versed in the local sectors and the related trade flows. Our team's intimate understanding of industry and business needs will translate into optimal financial & risk support for you and your business.



Key Features of Partnering with Trade Finance

  • Facilitate cross-border sale of goods and services
  • Tailored solutions for companies, including exporters and importers:
    • Working Capital
    • Receivables Monetization
    • Medium & Long-Term Financing
  • Trusted partner to mitigate risks in international trade
  • Financing based on trade flows, including discounting of export receivables and refinancing
  • Reissuance of guarantees and Standby Letter of Credits
  • Leverage programs offered through our partner Export Credit Agencies
    August 10, 2020
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    Key Contacts

    Global Trade Finance Customer Service
    1 877 285 0398Click to mail
    Corporate Origination Group
    Stephen Barr
    Head of Origination, Trade Finance
    416 308 9434Click to mail
    British Columbia
    Tracey Orr
    604 654 3358
    Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
    Eva Liang
    604 654 3604
    Andy Subasinghe
    416 983 6601
    Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces
    Juan Salguero
    416 944 5794
    New York
    Chris Shaw
    212 827 6990
    Lydia Lopiparo
    212 827 6160
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