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This listing is provided for information purposes only and does not represent an endorsement by the TD Bank Group or the Global Trade Finance group. Although most of the websites in this list offer information free of charge, some sites charge a fee for the use of specific services.

Canadian company information
  • Strategis
  • Canada’s business and consumer site, includes a wide range of information

  • Canadian Trade Index
  • A good resource for finding Canadian importers and exporters. Searchable fields include: company name, product, SIC code, SIC description, province, city, etc.

  • SEDAR – is an excellent source of information on Canadian publicly traded companies.

  • Canadian Business Directories
  • Approximately 15-20 business directories; mostly Canadian, however some U.S. content. Links to everything from Canada Yellow Pages to Yahoo! Canada - Business Directory are listed.

  • Canadian Corporate Information
  • Links to Wrights Investors’ Service include, Information on public and privately held companies located in Canada, U.S., Mexico, UK, and France. Other links include: various fact books, rate sheets, historical monthly foreign exchange rates.

US company information
  • Trade Bytes Sales Leads
  • This database is used to identify U.S. buyers of various products. Searchable by buyer name, address, product description, region of product origin, and date imported.

  • Library Databases
  • Links to various U.S. business directories including Corptech, Hoovers, Lexis-Nexis, Florida State’s Division of Corporations Public Access database, both in print and on-line together with various business resources. Site is hosted by the University of Florida George A. Smathers Library.

  • Thomas Register
  • Thomas Register of American Manufacturers - approximately. 150,000 companies are listed.

  • Lists Now
  • List Merchant provides approximately 150 million consumer and business listings.

Foreign company information
  • EuroPages
  • European Business Directory is a searchable database of approx. 500,000 companies in 30 European countries.

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