TD Sponsored Companies Inc.

TTD Sponsored Companies Inc. administers special purpose public issuers of securities that have been designed to meet certain targeted investment objectives.

The issuers are "split share companies," which hold a portfolio of securities of an individual company or group of companies and "split" the lower risk income stream on the underlying portfolio from the changes in portfolio value.

  • The preferred shares provide holders with a return derived from the dividend income received on the underlying portfolio.
  • The capital shares provide holders with a leveraged investment - the value of which is linked to changes in the market prices of the shares in the portfolio and to changes in the dividends received on the portfolio shares.

Both the preferred and capital shares are listed and publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). The net proceeds from the initial public offerings of preferred and capital shares of the split share companies were used to acquire the underlying portfolios.

Financial Performance

As of September 11, 2014

5Banc Split Inc.
Market Price2 NAV
Preferred Shares$10.25$10.001
Capital Shares$25.30$25.76
Market Capitalization $57,187,827.45
Units Outstanding1,608,659
Big 8 Split Inc.
Market Price2NAV
Class D Preferred Shares$10.60$10.001
Class D Preferred Shares$10.60$10.001
Capital Shares$13.29$14.45
Market Capitalization3 $41,076,035.98
Units Outstanding1,719,382
TD Split Inc.
Market Price2NAV
Preferred Shares$10.17$10.001
Capital Shares$31.00$31.48
Market Capitalization $46,640,257.90
Units Outstanding1,132,870

1 Net Asset Value (NAV) of preferred shares reflects price at redemption.

2 All market data is based on closing prices from the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

3 Based on weighted average market price of Class B and Class C Preferred Shares.

September 18, 2014