Headshot of Deborah Gravinese

Deborah Gravinese

Chief Risk Officer

As Chief Risk Officer for TD Securities, Deborah is accountable for all credit, market and operational risks across the corporate lending portfolios and global trading businesses. She is also the Global Head of Credit Risk for TD Bank Group (TD), responsible for a comprehensive view of TD's retail and non-retail credit risk portfolios.

In her roles, Deborah is accountable for the credit decisions and credit risk oversight of all non-retail portfolios across TD, as well as the allowance process for the credit risk portfolios, retail and non-retail credit risk policy and credit risk reporting and disclosure groups. She is responsible for model development across many bank segments, and manages enterprise-level credit deliverables, including risk appetite review and consolidation of credit risk materials for external and internal stakeholders.

Prior to her role, Deborah was Senior Vice President, TD, and Head of Credit Risk Management, TD Securities, accountable for the credit decisions and risk oversight of the credit portfolios for TD Securities and Corporate and Specialty Banking, TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank.

Deborah has held various relationship and credit roles at both TD Securities and TD over the last 30+ years. She joined TD Securities from the Chase Manhattan Bank, where she was a relationship manager in their public utilities and power group. She is a graduate of George Washington University.

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