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Is the future of work flexible?

July 22, 2022 - 1 Minute
A person on his laptop working from home
The Return Hub, an inclusive recruitment partner of TD Securities, launched its latest report: Is the Future Flexible? Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent Post Pandemic. The report explores attitudes towards flexible working, equality, culture and pay in London, UK and is based on pre- and post-pandemic research to assess the degree to which attitudes have shifted.

In 2019, our European Foreign Exchange team piloted a “Wellness Time” initiative to encourage a more flexible and enriching working environment. Colleagues were encouraged to step away from their desks to focus on wellness activities during their working week. With no requirement to explain how this time is used, "Wellness Time" could be used for a range of activities, such as spending time with family or participating in leisure activities.

Leaders were instrumental in ensuring the success of the scheme, by openly role modelling its use, celebrating it, and encouraging others to utilize it. Since its inception, "Wellness Time" has been adopted across our European offices.

Download the report to see how Brian Perry, Managing Director, Gada Alhilli, Vice President, and Ivan Dexeus, Managing Director, have incorporated "Wellness Time" into their team dynamic.
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