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Women in Leadership spotlight series: Meet Jenny Hong

April 15, 2021 - 1 minute
Headshot of Jenny Hong

Our Women in Leadership Spotlight series shines a light on some of the many talented women who work on our team and are committed to developing and empowering their female colleagues.

Jenny Hong, Director, Syndicated & Leveraged Finance, is an advocate for connecting female colleagues and unlocking their potential.

Jenny Hong
Director, Syndicated & Leveraged Finance

Jenny is an active member of our Women in Leadership mentoring committee and recently served as one of its Co-Chairs for the past year. She is an advocate for promoting and building stronger, and more engaging, relationships among colleagues. Jenny is particularly supportive of connecting senior leaders and junior associates and aims to lead by example by serving as an informal mentor to her teammates.

What I do:

I help corporate and sponsor clients structure debt solutions for their financing needs, whether it is for mergers and acquisitions, or other general corporate purposes. I then market and raise the required financing in the institutional and bank markets.

Proud moment:

Having been the staffer for the Leveraged Finance group for the last two years, I have had many proud moments seeing my junior team grow and succeed. It is particularly rewarding when they thank me for something, I've done that helped them get there, although most of the time I feel like I have not done anything. It is a reminder that any action, no matter how inconsequential it may seem to you at the time, may have a large impact on someone else.

Advice to my younger self:

Don't let the fear of falling short stop you from taking on something new. Looking back, I realized I tended to measure risk and make very calculated decisions. I often stuck to what I was comfortable with and knew I'd be good at, which may have prohibited me from unlocking more of my potential earlier on in my career.
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