Women in Leadership: Meet Meagan Reus

November 29, 2022
Headshot of Meagan Reus

Our Women in Leadership spotlight series shines a light on some of the many talented women who work on our team and are committed to developing and empowering their female colleagues.

Meagan Reus, Director, Funding and Repo, Asia-Pacific, helps manage the funding strategy for the Asia-Pacific region.

Meagan Reus
Director, Funding and Repo, Asia-Pacific

Meagan is a strong leader and mentor for TD. She is highly regarded as a functional builder and key partner for the TDS Treasury team. As head of the Asia-Pacific Funding team, Meagan helped develop products, form business strategies, and build key relationships within the regions with our clients.

Her strong collaboration and leadership skills helped enhance TDS Treasury's revenue and overcome challenging business environments. Near the start of the Covid pandemic, Meagan was part of team in Asia that arranged and successfully executed urgent business strategies to ensure TDS met local and enterprise requirements.

What I Do:

I manage funding for Asia and support repo (secured funding) for the Asia-Pacific region. I am responsible for the dealer's unsecured funding, determining how to raise funds in the most economical and efficient manner, along with increasing our funding sources within the region. I also manage a short-term excess cash portfolio which looks at short term opportunities in high-quality liquid assets to manage excess liquidity. I support the repo function locally and play a strategic role in planning future growth within our markets.

Proud Moment:

When I moved from our Singapore office to the London office to lead the Funding team, I was proud of the product knowledge I had developed and was excited to move to one of the largest financial hubs in the world to further develop my skillsets and expand my knowledge. This role helped me to grow and gain confidence in a fast, dynamic, and bigger trading floor. I am grateful that TD can develop colleagues further through interoffice moves.

Advice to My Younger Self:

Don't compare your career and personal journey to others. We are all so different and will achieve goals at different times in our life. Sometimes we might need to slow down and take a backseat, other times we can accelerate and seize the opportunity. This is what makes life interesting, everybody's story is different so enjoy the present moment!

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