Portrait of Michael Faralla
Carving Out Partnerships in the Mining Ecosystem

Our Head of Global Mining shares what makes Canada a unique ecosystem in fostering capital formation in the mining sector.

A Leader in Capital Markets and Banking

Two people at a table discussing legal issues.
U.S. federal courts defer to federal agencies in areas of ambiguity. Listen in how this principle is being challenged and could erode the rulemaking powers of U.S. government agencies.
Following the announcement of an inaugural USD Global Sustainable Hybrid transaction, examine key takeaways from our roundtable discussion about MDBs and hybrid capital.
The FOMC held rates for a fourth consecutive meeting. Look at the two things the Committee may want to see before initiating an easing policy and why we think it might come this May.
Looking upwards at Roman columns
Larry Wieseneck and David Erickson, Senior Fellow at The Wharton School discuss the state of the IPO, M&A and Private Equity/Venture markets.
A close up of a computer monitor showing data charts.
In the second half of our series on equity algorithms, listen in as we cover algo wheels, Artificial Intelligence in algos and the process for adding new venues to routing tables.

Most Popular Insights

Is keeping inflation near 2% still the target in 2024? Read our analysts' take on why we forecast a greater pullback on the central bank rates than what the rest of the market is predicting.
Photo of Akhil Lamba and Dan Bosman
Hear from our leaders on the latest digital trends in FIs and how collaborative finance is innovating the industry.
Our inaugural episode explores the growing importance of the sustainability-linked loans to the overall sustainable capital markets space
Photo of Sam Damiani
Hear from our leading analyst about the latest trends surrounding REITs and the evolving opportunities and challenges within the market.
image of person on smartphone
In this episode, we explore fault lines within Equity Market Infrastructure. Hear from two systems analysts investigating these issues as they share what goes on behind the scenes.
Business woman analyzing a financial chart on a computer screen
Will automation replace humans in fixed income trading? Our in-house experts share their perspectives on the steady uptick in e-trading adoption over the last decade.
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