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The energy crisis and the need for global standards shaped the carbon market in 2022. Read what our experts have to say on what could be next in our 2023 outlook.
This episode of Geopolitics looks at the immigration complexities of North America. Can the US resolve their Southern border refugee problem and what is the state of Russia and Ukraine?
The first two years of Bitcoin ETFs were volatile, but some investors now consider them practicable long-term holdings. Read about the potential future of crypto ETFs.
Elevated interest rates and inflation could challenge positive sustainable debt activity. Read about six ESG markets that show great potential in 2023.
Listen as our Region Head of Europe shares insights about her professional journey and what's in store for the UK and European markets in 2023.
Interest rate hikes, the energy crisis, and rampant inflation were common themes in 2022. Explore five ways the sustainable finance market gained in this economy
Higher interest rates continue to affect both variable and fixed rate mortgages. Look over the data from our report to see how the market could play out in 2023.
In celebration of Black History Month, TD Securities spotlights colleague Rasheed Tucker sharing his experiences and what Black History month means to him.
Our FX strategists weigh in on cross-asset volatility and a more resilient global economy as major factors in 2023. Read about it in this month's Views You Can Use.
In celebration of Black History Month, TD Securities spotlights colleague Destiny Williamson sharing her experiences and what Black History month means to her.
The voluntary carbon market still grows despite most major registries banning crypto token related retirements. Read how proposed global standards can bolster quality.
Following the February FOMC rate hike, TD Securities Chief US Macro Strategist Jan Groen, forecast two more hikes. Read about the report that shows he might be right.
In celebration of Black History Month, TD Securities spotlights colleague Tania Kuoh, sharing his experiences and what Black History month means to him.
Listen as Global Head of Ventures at OMERS Ventures highlights the value of disruptors, raising capital and over hiring in the tech industry.
This year's mining conference featured sessions covering relevant topics for 2023. Explore the discussions of metals and minerals in this transitioning market.
Following up on recent accusations of fraudulent SLB offerings, examine how the SEC's decision may set precedent and give credible, science-based issuers the lead.
This episode of Geopolitics reviews the US's lost-and-found classified documents, the World Economic Forum, the energy crisis, Canadian infrastructure and more.
In celebration of Black History Month, we spotlight colleague, James Alalade, where he shares his experiences and what Black History month means to him.
Hear from CI Global Asset Management's CIO about trends in asset management, their transition into a fully integrated model and more.
The 2023 Canadian Real Estate Conference featured fireside chats, keynote luncheons, and guided tours. Read industry highlights for five key real estate sectors.
Ahead of the February FOMC meeting, our strategists speculate that the Fed's job isn't done, and are already looking ahead at what to expect in March and May.
With one more BoC rate hike, signals appeared indicating a pause in the tightening cycle. Examine what this could mean for rates and FX trading in 2023
Signs point to the onset of a US recession in 2023, but other factors including historically low unemployment points to something else at play.
We we focus on financial institutions and social bonds, as the lead sector and one of the few products gaining traction year-over-year within the December sustainable debt market.
Our FX strategists examine market-defining themes for January, touching on Goldilocks optimism, China's reflation, economic resilience and peak inflation.
With over 22 years of experience in the sector, our Head of Financial Institutions shares key trends and rate volatility impacts expected for 2023
As we enter 2023, Frank offers his outlook into 10 volatile geopolitical matters. He forecasts economic uncertainty, but also a glimmer of hope on the horizon.
Last month, Canada's leading public and private tech companies joined us at our annual Technology Conference. Discover four key themes they discussed.
This year saw oil prices rise nearly 80%, but crude pricing has since dropped. Look behind the chaos as we consider when the energy bull market might end
TD Securities analysts look towards the chance of another US rate increase. Explore the possibility of a FOMC move to a higher terminal rate than earlier anticipated.
Mario Mendonca analyses the economic downturn that followed the 2020 pandemic, the financial sweet spot Canadian banks currently enjoy and when it might end.
What went wrong with FTX and what went right? Listen in as we examine digital ledger technology and it's potential to change the infrastructure of global capital markets.
The Bank approaches the end of its tightening cycle, and the analyst community is divided over a 25bp or 50bp rate increase. Read our arguments for both scenarios.
Frank reviews Trump's potentially biggest legal risk. Also, hear his latest thoughts on Canadian Politics contrasting last week's guest, the Honourable Rona Ambrose.
Rona Ambrose's political expertise imparts a distinct understanding of Canadian politics. Listen as she shares her expectations of Conservatives running for the Alberta and federal governments.
Discussing personal health issues with managers and coworkers can be a sensitive and difficult topic. Read to understanding why having these important discussions is the key to developing an inclusive workplace.
TD Securities conducted a Sustainable Debt Market Investor Survey with institutional investors. Examine our key findings and read more in our full report.
As we near the end of 2022, our strategists weigh in on what we might expect from 2023.
TD Securities hosted its annual Uranium Roundtable with speakers covering a broad range of topics. Read some of the innovative themes that emerged from the presentations.
Listen as our Carbon Markets Advisory team breaks down why voluntary carbon markets are fast becoming a necessary part of a net-zero strategy
Anaergia produces clean energy through renewable fuel generation. Watch how TD Securities helped the company secure the capital necessary to build on its potential.
TD Securities strategists share their commentary on outcomes of the November FOMC meeting. Read their take on the Fed Funds rate outlook and what might come next.
Hundreds attended the Global Sustainability Summit this year where industry experts discussed innovative ESG solutions. Catch up on key points from this landmark event.
In celebration of Black History Month in Europe, we speak with Emeka Njokanma, Director, International Fixed Income and Head of Emerging Markets Rate Trading, TD Securities on his journey.
Sandpiper Ventures provides underrepresented founders access the VC investment landscape. Learn how TD Securities provides resources to help these companies grow.
Governor Macklem maintains a hawkish stance as the bank looks to "crush" inflationary impulses. We weigh in ahead of October's BoC meeting.
John Ketchum, CEO of NextEra Energy, discusses what Real Zero means. Find out how NextEra Energy plans to achieve its industry-leading decarbonization goals.
This episode of Geopolitics addresses the rhetoric from Alberta's new Premier, with Frank believing she will need to tone down the message and the theme of inflation being prevalent.
Clean energy and sustainable infrastructure ETFs have seen a surge in performance amid a volatile market. What factors contribute to its performance and growth?
This year's Paper & Forest Products Conference covered an array of sector commodity segments, industry demand, and growth potential. Read our three key takeaways.
Carbon credit trading isn't just about good deeds. Understand how carbon credit ETFs may offset market volatility as governments reduce greenhouse gas emission caps.
Listen how developments in the metaverse, artificial intelligence, digital currency, and Web 3.0 are moving towards an open universe of customizing and adapting to client-focused solutions.
Is household leverage a vulnerability in the Canadian Market and what are factors that may contribute to intense headwinds into 2023?
In celebration of National Coming Out Day, Dan Bosman shares the impact of visibility and the 2SLGBTQ+ community at TD had on his personal and professional journey.
We discuss Putin's waning sphere of influence and disapproval from his allies, Europe's changing political landscape, and the factors influencing the trend towards deglobalization.
Our strategists share their expectations on global rate changes ahead of September's FOMC meeting and in response to the pressing urgency faced by the BoC to quickly bring inflation under control. As the BoE and ECB are taking what the market is willing to give, will we see the pattern of rate hikes continue until year-end?
We explore September's FX considerations and examine market themes on peaking inflation, recession risks and ongoing trade shocks in Europe.
Hear from Canada's leading analyst on financial institutions as he speaks on the housing markets in Canada and the implications for Canadian banks.
The introduction of new ETF varieties are creating easy access to the U.S treasury market for domestic and international investors through trading convenience and price transparency. Andres Rincon explores the growth in this space as ETFs continue to evolve.
Ahead of Bank of Canada's September's 2022 rate announcement, TD Securities sees a clear path for the BoC to hike by 75bps in September, however the pace of tightening to slow in October which may imply some moderation in the Bank's forward-looking language in the September communique.
With more than 35 single-stock ETFs lining up for approval, many investors and industry experts believe single-stock ETFs have the potential to be a big hit. Andres Rincon shares insights on this novel product.
This episode of Geopolitics discusses issues south of the 49th parallel ranging from Nancy Pelosi's controversial trip to Taiwan, Merrick Garland's decision to search Former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, and updates on the abortion vote in Kansas, including a surprising stance in a traditionally red state.
Our strategist, Robert Both evaluates several leading indicators for Canadian recession risks and outlines the mitigating factors such as population growth and natural resource exposure.
TD Securities spoke with Ojibway artist Patrick Hunter (his/he/him) who shares what it means to identify as Two-Spirit, and the meaning behind his #Pride feather design
Listen as our in-house ETF specialist speaks on the growth, value, and impact of the ETF industry, including what opportunities and red flags investors need to look out for.
What role do carbon offsets play as the energy sector continues to evolve? Aaron MacNeil shares insights from our Calgary Energy Conference, highlighting the increase in participation from industry leaders and challenges the voluntary carbon market faces as it keeps up with the growing demand.
In this episode of Geopolitics, Frank McKenna covers a wide range of topics including Canada's difficulties in air travel, the peaceful overthrow of the Sri Lankan government, Boris Johnson's exit from UK Politics and more.
The Return Hub, an inclusive recruitment partner of TD Securities, explores attitudes towards flexible working, equality, culture and pay in their latest article.
Listen as our co-heads of TD Securities Automated Trading draw from their expertise to examine the growth of e-trading in fixed income markets and the evolution of portfolio trading.
The clean tech sector is seeing significant long-term tailwinds for growth. Steven Akman breaks down the latest from our Global Clean Technology & Energy Transition Conference.
We reflect on the commodity space and importance of being a market leader in the field. We are proud to be recognized by market participants, ranking high in several categories in the 2022 Commodity Ranking by
Ahead of Bank of Canada's July 2022 interest rate announcement, we look at the implications of a 75bp rate hike and inflation concerns
Negative emissions technologies are the next frontier. Susan Thompson shares why they are receiving attention from corporations, policy makers and investors alike.
This episode of Geopolitics examines the highly politicized supreme court. We also discuss predictions of inflation and threats of a recession.
What are unique benefits of migrating to Electronic Letters of Credit? Read more insights from the Trade Finance: Electronic Letters of Credit webinar
How have the USD and the broader FX markets been in 2022? We discuss key performance drivers and provide an outlook on the remainder of the year.
How have IPPs navigated volatile market conditions while still focusing on organic development opportunities? Read more from our 2022 Power & Utilities Conference.
In recognition of World Refugee Day, TD Securities shares its regional CFO Danny Salinas' motivation behind joining the humanitarian efforts in Poland, and his on-the-ground perspective as he and other volunteers offered tangible support and solidarity for the displaced people fleeing Ukraine.
To offset challenges in the equity markets, investors are turning to products offering low volatility and higher yields. Explore key considerations when selecting Enhanced Yield and Boosted ETFs.
Our analysts examine the potential implications on the rate markets, foreign exchange markets and mortgage-backed securities (MBS) ahead of the rate announcement.
We speak with European market structure expert Niki Beattie on key topics of interest in the UK, and across the continent and discuss the potential convergence of digital and equity market structures.
What's impacting the Canadian telecom industry? We brought together industry executives to discuss emerging technology trends such as 5G network capabilities, wireless market growth and more during our 2022 Telecom & Media Conference.
Listen as leading resource industry experts analyze mining and metals trends including the impacts of decarbonization and supercycles.
TD Securities examines recent political party leadership races across Canada, as well as recent U.S. headlines regarding Roe v. Wade and the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, and their impact on the upcoming U.S. mid-term elections.
Ahead of Bank of Canada's June 2022 interest rate announcement, TD Securities looks at the implications of a 50bp rate hike on foreign exchange markets, GDP growth and impact on the U.S. dollar.
As one of the Top 10 firms in forwards dealer rankings in FX markets, TD Securities shares how our team deciphers what's currently driving currency forwards.
How might the U.S. Federal Reserve's expected rate hike impact borrowing U.S. dollars? Our analysts examine the potential effects on quantitative tightening (QT), foreign exchange markets and mortgage-backed securities (MBS) ahead of the rate announcement.
Listen to our in-house market structure expert as he discusses global issues top-of-mind for issuers and investors.
What are the political implications of long term inflation? Frank McKenna, our Deputy Chair shares his stance on the Russia-Ukraine war, how this impacts alternative energy solutions, and provides advice around the ESG debate.
How can investment firms contribute to a circular economy? We explore a new venture with N2S to support a more sustainable future.
How will rate hikes, quantitative tightening and inflationary pressures likely play out for the rest of the fiscal year?
What does it take to navigate and succeed in capital markets? Our senior leaders share the ups and downs of their professional journeys as well as offer career advice for new traders.
Can Europe deal without Russian gas flows? We examine how the Russia-Ukraine war is impacting global gas supply, and what options exist to continue to meet supply and demand.
Listen as we examine the outcomes of the G7 Leaders' Summit, U.S. President Biden's comments on regime changes, and discuss what to make of Russia's recent retreat from Kyiv.
Tamara Finch, our Executive Managing Director and Global Head of Financial Sponsors, shares career-building advice for young professionals in the financial markets industry.
Our Global Head of Human Resources Jennifer Young shares her thoughts on making gender equality a reality.
How will markets respond to the actions of the U.S. Federal Reserve? We examine the different options available to ease pandemic policy measures.
What challenges lie ahead for the sector? We look at inflationary pressures, demand for copper, and shareholder returns.
What's behind a record-breaking month of bond issuances? Our Financial Institutions Group looks back at January 2022, and what challenges may lie ahead for the remainder of the year.
Learn more about what's driving the growth of this market as we examine sustainability-linked products and the role they play in supporting ESG strategies and a net-zero economy.
How will integrating artificial intelligence with surveillance impact the investment banking industry?
How has the real estate market met demand for our growing senior's demographic? We take a look at how the seniors housing sector has transformed.
How will pandemic recovery measures, opening banking and cryptocurrency impact the Canadian FinTech landscape in 2022?
How is the mining sector adapting to the clean energy transition? Our head of Global Mining explores decarbonization measures in the industry.
How has inflation impacted different ETF sectors and factors? Our head of ETF sales and strategy examines the market.
Does the SEC have a strong case? What defences may work against a ban? Our Bid Out podcast examines the issue.
How have Omicron, inflation, and the global supply chain impacted growth in the sector? Our analysts share their insights from our 2022 Real Estate Conference.
Robbie Pryde discusses TD Securities' past year, changes to investment banking industry, and how to succeed.
How can voluntary carbon markets contribute to a more effective decarbonized economy? Read the latest entry in our 'The Road to 2050' series.
Explore some of the public- and private- sector COP26 outcomes that have been described as part of "the most exciting transformation since the industrial revolution".
What are the potential impacts of inflation, interest rate hikes and labour shortages as Canada enters year three of the pandemic?
Listen as we examine what it takes to make CDP's 'A-List' and stay on it.
Will we see sustained high inflation in 2022? Take a deep dive with our global strategists into their views on interest rates, FX markets and commodities as we head into 2022.
Join our Debt Capital Markets team and key European issuers to explore their outlooks for 2022 and key themes beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.
We continue our look at climate strategies and reaching net-zero carbon emissions with a focus on supporting a fair and equitable transition.
Will we be able to keep "1.5 degrees Celsius alive"? Read more on climate change negotiations from COP26.
Examining the link between investing in climate solutions and the science behind those strategies.
Learn more about open source communities and their impact on technology and automated trading within capital markets
Listen as we explore embracing fintech, what risks might be involved, and if all risks should be considered equal.
Listen to our podcast as we explore microaggressions and their impact, and provide insights into building inclusive workplaces
Find out how Canadian ETFs have performed so far in 2021, including surpassing their 2020 inflows record
Robbie Pryde breaks down our recent recognition as Canada's Best Investment Bank by Euromoney's 2021 Awards for Excellence
Our latest Viewpoint podcast explores hot button topics many market participants are watching closely, including Fed tapering, cryptocurrency and De-Fi regulation
Read more on how we assisted with the development a promising social bond that satisfied both investors and YBS
Strategists Priya Misra and Jim O’Sullivan tackle the U.S. Federal Reserve exit and the impact of tapering off economic support
Bob Dorrance looks back at the highlights and challenges over the last 20 years and how our firm is addressing our clients' evolving needs
We break down the impact and opportunities of disruptive technologies in the cleantech sector for global venture capitalists
Hear more from ESG Global Advisor's Karen Clarke-Whistler on the emergence of sustainability-linked loans and the growing emphasis on the "social" in ESG
Our inaugural episode explores the growing importance of the sustainability-linked loans to the overall sustainable capital markets space
Learn more about the challenges and opportunities of decarbonizing an economy built on carbon
We break down the complexity of screening ESG ETFs - the criteria, the benefits and the factors that impact ESG ETF selection
Learn more about what telecom companies are saying about the future of 5G network capabilities
Find out more on how this award reflects our determination to provide value to our clients, and the trust our clients place in us to support their goals
Learn more on how our top forecasters analyze the markets to provide investors with strategic data
Watch as we breakdown the capabilities of cryptocurrencies, certain market volatilities, and the roles financial institutions can play in this space
Listen for more on AFL's plans to support European post-pandemic reopening efforts with local municipalities
Hear more on how IFC plans on doubling its funding, increasing its ESG bond issuance and supporting emerging markets
Listen as we examine Canadian banks' Q2 reporting numbers, reopening the Canadian economy, and pre-tax pre-provision (PTPP) metrics
Leaders from the power and utilities industry share their insights on the challenges and costs of transitioning to a low carbon future
Hear more on how The World Bank is using capital markets to maximize their balance sheets to provide resources for developing countries
Listen to our podcast on the practice of payment for order flow and its implications for investors
Read more about adaptable office environments and the benefits of embracing neurodiversity in the workplace
Read key insights on transition frameworks and how support of net-zero carbon strategies may impact carbon-heavy sectors
Read highlights from our discussion with industry professionals on investing in digital currencies
Learn more about our commitment to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and the importance of collaboration and making sense of science-based targets
Learn more about the potential of a unified cross-border transactions network
Watch our video and learn more about integrating ESG and sustainable investing in public, active management strategies
Learn more about the technology solutions we're developing for our clients
Key takeaways from our 2021 Investing in Hydrogen and the Global Energy Transition conference
February was a historic month with the launch of the world's first and second Bitcoin ETFs
Highlighting valuable insights directly from the institutional investor community
Highlights from our Financial Services Conference panel on the impact of ESG on the insurance industry and asset management businesses
We share the results of our inaugural Corporate Cash Management Survey, and what treasurers and cash management professionals are prioritizing heading into 2021
Read more about how we partnered with Federal Farm Credit Bank to advise and create an ideal LIBOR bond exchange ahead of LIBOR cessation
Find out more about our new SFCT group and how we're supporting sustainable growth for a low-carbon economy
Read more about the solution delivered to help FFCB manage the unanticipated risk for their investors
Learn more about how our retail customers steered our enterprise to create a unique international remittance service
Read more about our recognition as a leader in post-LIBOR solutions
Robbie Pryde, our Head of Corporate and Investment Banking discusses the latest developments in IB, including recruitment, U.S. growth and post-pandemic priorities
TD issues first-ever Sustainability Bond to support environmental and social initiatives
Watch the Financing Renewable Energy video
Recognizing the signs of fraudsters: The sophistication of cyber attacks used against Treasury departments
Combating anti-Black racism: How the Bank supports a future where everyone can thrive
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